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Alden106 at cs.com Alden106 at cs.com
Sat Sep 27 12:12:35 EDT 2003

 Hi my name is Al Denaburg and I am in Ormond Beach Florida.
I am going to set up an Aquarium to grow Pleuro's in. I would like to get 
advice from those who have done this.
  The Aquarium is 38 Gal. it measures 36" long 12" wide 20" tall.
I would like info on the following
       1  Type of light Warm Cool or Grow --On for how many hours a day

       2  Type of Fan How many What size What speed

       3  How best to keep Humidity at high level

       4 I plan on using Distilled Water  What type Fertilizer is recomended

       5 Which plants have you had sucess with

Any other suggestions would be appreciated

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