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Sat Sep 20 21:10:00 EDT 2003

Hi Adriana
    I'm just bringing everything back in the house now & wouldn't you know, 
my timer got blown out in a storm this summer & I didn't know it 'til Thur.! I 
never wrote it down somewhere so now I have to start all over againt oo.
    I know for sure I set to go on for a while when the lights are coming on &
 i know for sure I had it timed to quit for the day about an hour before the 
lights went off at night. I honestly can't remember the exact intervals 'cause 
the timer stayed on for 2 years even if the fogger did not(I know-dumb)
    I know it was a programable timer with 10 or 14 settings / day that I got 
at Radio Shack (will be going there again tomorrow) & that I experimented 
with the intervals while I was home to keep an eye on it using 2 digital, min. 
max.,temp & humidity things also from Radio Shack.15mn on 1 hr off thru the 
course of the day is what I'm going to try first.
    I'm growing the Lepanthes etc. in a 2x4' homemade orchidarium with 4 
flour. lights & 2 'computer" fans & bought a cheap aquarium bubble stone to get me 
thru being gone for 2 days...
    How big is your case? 
    How much humidity do you want?
Too be   continued...
Kathy in MN, just back from WI    (I wish it was the West Indies...)
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