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Wed Sep 17 17:20:14 EDT 2003

Hi Kathy,
	I picked out 5 orchids to get from Dr. Sanchez.   Dracula lotax, 
Lepanthes calodyction, Restripia lansbergii, Masdevallia hirtzii, and 
Masdevallia patula..  I intend to do some on plaques and some in pots.  
  I will probably be keeping all of them in terrariums.   My frog 
terrariums that have orchids in vary from 20 gallon extra high tanks to 
about 65 gallon corner tanks.   I use pea gravel for the bottom 
substrate with sheet moss over it.  The floor is decorated with coconut 
huts, cork bark, grapevine, drift wood etc.  The back and some sides 
have large slabs of cork bark.  I have siningias, jewel orchids, java 
moss, etc. planted on the bottoms.   A small pond is hollowed out of 
the gravel.  Most of the tanks have running water from 	a small pump.  
I put most of the orchids on the slabs of cork.
	For now the orchids are on plaques of cork bark or tree fern and in 
pots.  I drill holes in the big slabs of bark to hang the orchids.  
When I am confident enough to take the orchids out of the pots and off 
some of the small plaques I will mount them directly to the big slabs, 
on grapevine, and possibly tree fern panels.  For now I don't want to 
fasten them down to much so I can move them around.  The top of the 
tank is covered partially with glass and partially with screen.  I have 
computer fans for ventilation and mist twice a day.  The tanks are kept 
at between 68F and 80F.
On Tuesday, September 16, 2003, at 09:27 PM, Goldorchid at aol.com wrote:
>    Getting plants 'bare root' is ALWAYS an adventure even if you think 
> you have the right conditions of air movement, humidity & temp.  They 
> can  be very hard to establish in a new situation & really need to be 
> babied with just the right amount of attention. They either flourish 
> or die within weeks to a couple months!
>    If you are a windowsill grower I would recommend paying Parkside 
> for your trouble & loss.
> Kathy in MN
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