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Tue Sep 16 21:54:53 EDT 2003

 I wanna be a tiny person in your garden- if the frogs won't kill me...
Seriously, this list was started by a bunch of crazy, busy, tiny orchid 
loving people & a daily answer is impossible at certain times of year(Orchid shows 
every weekend- jobs-etc).
We're here, we're just old & slow...
If you are growing orchids in a terrarium setting "fresh, humid, bouyant air" 
is what you need to get working &   muffin/boxer fans are important. The 
critters might like it too.
 So are the water features/humidifiers you are talking about. Also the 
QUALITY of the H2O is important for the plants you want to grow & probably more so 
for the critters. Tap is not so hot in most areas- RO & rain have + & -.
    I'm sorry if you already told us about why you are into Pleuros. but I 
would love to hear(again) what you are trying to do with your set up. How big is 
it, what do you grow-animal/vegetable/algal & moss.
It helps some of us to recommend plants...
Kathy in MN
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