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 Sorry I'm behind ...Ed Webber is a good grower   of Pleuros. & Alan Koch 
from Gold Country is a good grower too- of Mini Catts. Some of his ideas on how 
to use sphagnum moss are good & some of his ways of fertilizing are great for 
Catts not so good for pleuros, as jodi's post can attest.
    Getting plants 'bare root' is ALWAYS an adventure even if you think you 
have the right conditions of air movement, humidity & temp.   They can   be 
very hard to establish in a new situation & really need to be babied with just 
the right amount of attention. They either flourish or die within weeks to a 
couple months!
    If you are a windowsill grower I would recommend paying Parkside for your 
trouble & loss. Established seedlings/plants   have a better life expectancy 
for growing in various conditions than imported species. Experimenting with a 
few COMMON plants from S.A.   will teach you some of the problems inherent in 
imported plants. Dr Sanchez is also a good grower but they have a hard time 
moving to a show & the USA, especially   for a beginner...
Good luck & let us know what you bought...
Kathy in MN
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