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In answer to your question - is anyone there?  I have not been answering
on-line as I have been so busy with my non-profit work and getting things
caught up prior to leaving for Ecuador in about a week.

Lynn O
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> Hi Charles,
> The 3 point Tafleburgs are growing nicely.  One of the orchids in moss
> I got from you looks like it is getting a bud.  Is it big enough to
> blossom.
> I'm getting my order of what I want to get from Dr. Sanchez together.
> So far I've come up with Lepanthes calodyction, Restripia lansbergii,
> Masdevallia hirtzii, and Masdevalia patula.   I intend to get some
> extra Restripia to propagate for some frog people.    Each of my
> terrariums with orchids have muffin fans on them now.  I'm
> experimenting on how long to keep them on.  Right now they are on for a
> couple hours in the morning after I mist, a little around noon, and a
> couple hours in the early evening when I mist again.  The tanks also
> have pea gravel with sheet moss, live plants, and water pools on the
> bottom.  I picked up a minijet pump today to add some circulation to
> the pool that does not have it.  I'll probably make a small stream
> coming through the big slab of cork bark or down some old twisted
> grapevine.
> Is anybody out their?
> Michael
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