[pleurothallid-l] Charles

Michael Shrom shrommj at ptd.net
Sat Sep 13 18:37:44 EDT 2003

Hi Charles,
	The 3 point Tafleburgs are growing nicely.  One of the orchids in moss 
I got from you looks like it is getting a bud.  Is it big enough to 

	I'm getting my order of what I want to get from Dr. Sanchez together.  
So far I've come up with Lepanthes calodyction, Restripia lansbergii, 
Masdevallia hirtzii, and Masdevalia patula.   I intend to get some 
extra Restripia to propagate for some frog people.    Each of my 
terrariums with orchids have muffin fans on them now.  I'm 
experimenting on how long to keep them on.  Right now they are on for a 
couple hours in the morning after I mist, a little around noon, and a 
couple hours in the early evening when I mist again.  The tanks also 
have pea gravel with sheet moss, live plants, and water pools on the 
bottom.  I picked up a minijet pump today to add some circulation to 
the pool that does not have it.  I'll probably make a small stream 
coming through the big slab of cork bark or down some old twisted 

	Is anybody out their?

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