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Gail Southwick gsouthwick at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 11 07:28:16 EDT 2003

I have several masdevalias (rec'd through the mail at the end of July) 
that look pretty healthy, but several have done something a little odd. 
Two or three have put out spikes that I eagerly watch grow. At a certain
point they stop developing and remain the same for a few days. Then, one 
morning, the bud end is just withered.  This morning, the spike was folded
about an inch from the end. It almost looked mechanical - as if a bird
had tried to sit on it, or someone tried to folk it over. 
When the first one blasted, I figured that it blasted because of the strain 
of going through shipping in late July and then having to acclimate to
the new growing situation. What causes this to happen?

gsouthwick at yahoo.com

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