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Tue Sep 9 13:32:13 EDT 2003

Yes..the plant Carlo had was grown in NZmoss.  I want to add something 
here..I have over the years grown several hundred different types of 
masdevallias..and some of them have been exquisite.  The key for me for flowering..is for 
sure...not too much fert.  You are right..it does inhibit flowering..I switch to 
bloom booster fert. for a couple months prior to prime blooming periods 
depending on your location.  It is also very important...to not keep orchids in 
NZmoss for too long as the moss gets toxic very quickly..I repotted almost every 6 
months into a mix of NZmoss, tiny charcoal, and med. grade perlite.  this 
with very dilute fert.mix. at 1/4 strength.  and no fert at all during cold 
months.  (mostly cold at night..as I set refrig. to operate for 4 months at low of 
50 during winter, high of 70degrees)  This was "my" winter.  artificial of 
course. When I wanted to induce blooming again...i raised temps in 
refrigerator...increased daylight hours..and voila!  blooms......Peter's bloom booster fert. 
is good for this purpose.  Jodi

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