[pleurothallid-l] Dare I mention Masdevallia rosea again!

Ron Maunder pondeeza at enternet.co.nz
Tue Sep 9 01:12:37 EDT 2003

Carlo - and members,

After such a strong reaction from Jodi about your M. rosea and its 
number of flowers, can I discreetly ask what mix you were growing it 
in to get such good results?

My alba form is in 1:1 shredded sphagnum moss (NZ of course) and 
shredded styrene foam.  I grow it in the Disa hydroponic tank during 
the warmer months, then on the bench when the water temperature drops 
down below about 15°C again.  We are getting some days now up to 15°C 
but light frosts are still possible so I suppose it will go back in 
the tank again in October.  It seems to love the constant fertiliser 
in there and multiplies rapidly.

My pieces are in 7cm pots (probably 3" to you) and the best has only 
about 6 flowers. One problem I find with it is that the flowers 
spread their flowering so I don't get them all out at once in 
pristine condition.  They stick out nicely at right angles from the 
pot most of the time.

What is the popular potting mix for Masdevallias over your way?  Am 
still looking for rosea alba pollen to set a pod on mine.

Ron Maunder - New Zealand

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