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Fri Sep 5 12:37:15 EDT 2003

Masdevallia rosea...pooh!  Carlo...you should know me well enough by now to 
know that I have a pretty good memory.  Close to photographic in fact...I can 
even remember what you had on that day..and the comments made.  The plant was 
indeed small but covered with flowers..in something that small..10-12 flowers 
makes quite an impression.  I do remember saying ohhhhhh and ahhhhh enough 
times to make others in the little restaurant where we were having coffee and show 
and tell to come over to look at the tiny plant.  It was indeed gorgeous.  
You are much too modest!  I have also grown enough Masdevallias in my life time 
to appreciate something truly exceptional.  That plant is still an indelible 
memory for me.  Jodi

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