[pleurothallid-l] Masdevallia rosea and rosea alba

Balistrieri, Carlo cbalistrieri at nybg.org
Fri Sep 5 10:00:28 EDT 2003


	Sorry I'm so late responding to the Masdevallia rosea question.
Jodi's memory is correct insofar as I brought a nice little rosea to show
her. I'm afraid that she has a romanticized recollection of how "good" it
was. As I recall the plant was in a two inch pot, was nice and clean (no
mean feat as many of us know) BUT it wasn't terribly floriferous. The
flowers that were there were gorgeous--nearly flourescent--but there
certainly weren't many.

	I grew it under lights in my (at that time) basement setup, which
included a window I could crack open in winter to allow the temperature to
drop. I did fairly well with a wide assortment (150 sp. +) of Masdevallias
and many other pleurothallids--wish I had that setup NOW.


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