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Sun Oct 26 20:35:54 EST 2003

To Everyone,
      Marcus gives a good account of what happens "naturally" in his 
environment, in his country, on his land! It is a very nice thing that he can tell us 
so much to understand how these little things live in his area! It is good 
information on how to adapt our conditions to fit more closely to "natural'.

      I have been asked by several people that were at the meeting in 
Sacramento to ask you to all be more specific in the area you are growing in than 
"Florida" or "Minnesota" or "Brazil". Maybe if we mention the nearest city that 
people could look up on the map we might all get a better idea of the growing 
conditions. I have been told the panhandle of Florida is completely different 
from the Miami or 'Keys" area & that some people would be more willing to help 
answer questions if they knew   "where" they were talking to & whether it is 
under lights, aquarium, greenhouse, etc..

Kathy in Minneapolis, MN now- where we are getting another hard freeze 
tonight & I was at a sunny 90degree F. pool in California yesterday & bought orchids 
from Brazil (Floralia) on Thur.
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