[pleurothallid-l] Life above the cloud forests?

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Don't want anyone to think I am ignoring them - but have been busy lately
playing catch up.  I will also be gone 5 days next week - going to the
Sacramento show.  I will sit down and go through my notes in a few days.  I
tried to write down as many things as I could about the elevations and

Lynn O
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> Lyn,
> More questions...
> I read in your summary of your Ecuador trip in Vol 4 Issue 5 that you
> saw plants out in fields and on rocks.  Were these also bathed in
> mists or in drier areas in full sun above the cloud forests?
> Would these be exposed to more light and perhaps light frosts even?
> Which Masdevallias favoured high altitude open situations and what
> companion orchid genera grew with them?
> If none grew above the tree line, which species were growing in the
> highest altitude cloud forests?  In other words which species grew in
> the coolest conditions you encountered?
> I'm looking at those that need no LSU's here in our temperate climate!
> Sunny Spring day here with 20°C (68°F) predicted.  Must get out and
> do some creative hybridizing!
> Ron Maunder - New Zealand
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