[pleurothallid-l] Life above the cloud forests?

Ron Maunder pondeeza at enternet.co.nz
Sat Oct 18 16:45:47 EDT 2003


More questions...

I read in your summary of your Ecuador trip in Vol 4 Issue 5 that you 
saw plants out in fields and on rocks.  Were these also bathed in 
mists or in drier areas in full sun above the cloud forests?

Would these be exposed to more light and perhaps light frosts even? 
Which Masdevallias favoured high altitude open situations and what 
companion orchid genera grew with them?

If none grew above the tree line, which species were growing in the 
highest altitude cloud forests?  In other words which species grew in 
the coolest conditions you encountered?

I'm looking at those that need no LSU's here in our temperate climate!

Sunny Spring day here with 20°C (68°F) predicted.  Must get out and 
do some creative hybridizing!

Ron Maunder - New Zealand

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