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Alden106 at cs.com Alden106 at cs.com
Tue Oct 14 14:50:57 EDT 2003

       Here is how the Aquarium Project is progressing.
I'm using a 38Gal Tank. 36" long 12" wide 20"tall I covered 3/4 of the top 
with 2 pieces of Lexan Plastic []from Lowes or Home Depot] 
       I have one Muffin Fan 1600RPM could use a stronger one it runs 
constantly. From electronicsplus.com on Internet. They have all sizes and are already 
converted to 110V. Computer fans need to be rewired and " I no can do"
       I have one 24" Portable Grow Light Stick[ Walmart $10.] Time will tell 
if this is enough. I'm keeping it on 12 hours per day.
       I tried the Foggers that were suggested but had problems with motors 
burning out. I think the constant on and off with the timer was too much for 
the size of the motors. Tried Two. I now have a ReliOn Ultasonic Cool Mist 
Humidifier " 2Gal per day unit" Walmart" It sits on the OUTSIDE of the Tank and I 
piped the unit with 2" flexible plastic tubing using PVC fittings for bends and 
into The Humidifier opening. The 2" PVC almost fit the opening. I  had to 
wrap it with Duct Tape for a better seal. This unit is the only one I could find 
that had an opening that could be fit with a tube. I keep it on the lowest 
setting possible and have it on a timer. The Humidity stays at 90 percent when it 
is on. I am using Distilled Water and Have to fill the Humidifier every other 
day. I have ordered a RO System cheaper in the long run and I can water my 
other Orchids with better water. 
       I have 3 Masd's and 3 Pleuro's in the Aquarium now and they are 
beginning to show new growth.
       More later.
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