[pleurothallid-l] Great stuff Lyn!

Ron Maunder pondeeza at enternet.co.nz
Sun Oct 5 15:54:00 EDT 2003

That was great. Thanks Lyn.  Just what I was hoping for.  I'm sure 
your observations will make us stop and think a lot more about our 
cultural methods.

I'll leave it to others to ask you some questions for now.  You will 
be extra busy getting those LSU's (life support units!) altered and 
installed for your new plants.  AND making room for your 165 new 
babies!  I suppose as a temporary measure you could hang them on 
wires overhead if you still have any head room available!

The cost to us here in New Zealand of getting to Ecuador is quite 
high but the cost of quarantining plants in special certified 
greenhouses for three months minimum is also considerable.  Then 
there is the obtaining import permits and finding out if the 
particular species is here already or has been in the past. No open 
permits any more!  If it hasn't been recorded here previously (and no 
national survey has ever been made!) then it can be &NZ75 to $NZ150 
per plant to have it researched to see if it will ever become a plant 
pest and if it might carry some noxious pest, bacteria or fungus in 
its natural habitat!  The thought of that almost always ends ones 
dreams of importing new plants!  Someday I might venture to tell you 
all about the hassles of importing flasks into NZ - and exporting 
them!  Seed?  Well thats another story too!

Nasty weekend here in NZ weatherwise.  We might not need all the 
LSU's you in North America need ALL the time but the heaters will be 
going on again for some of us! This last weekend we had gales, 
torrential rain and now snow!  Not as bad as your Hurricane Isabel 
but main highways closed by slips and windblown trees, overnight 
freight plane down in the sea, woman washed away and thousands of new 
born lambs frozen to death!  And I thought it was officially Spring 

Its dawned sunny and calm out there this morning with a very light 
touch of frost on the new cut grass.  I'd better get out and prepare 
for a busload of Japanese orchid growers and my last show later in 
the week.


Ron Maunder  New Zealand

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