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Fri Oct 3 11:40:08 EDT 2003

I have been reading all the mail, but it seems no one grows in a greenhouse 
with other orchids.
Mine are all warm to intermediate growers and I haven't lost but about 6 over 
the past 4 years. Which to me any loss is awful? I have pleur.,dracula's 
(which are tricky for me) Lots of Masd. and other small little plants large names.
My greatest accomplishment is a CCM of 87 points for my Masd. herradurae. 
Also a HCC of 76 points for Masd. colossus , A CBB for Odonto. tenue and a CBR 
for Masd zahlbruckneiri. I really like the small plants, but I do grow the big 
one's. It's hard to get you're ago system right, but I continue to work on it. 
Judy Elms From, MO.
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