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Honestly Al, I'm just learning myself.  I have a 50 gallon aquarium that
is slowly being transformed into an orchidarium.  It's pretty crude
right now.  I don't have a top for it yet.  I have gravel along the
bottom and lots of water containers.  My light source is my college days
bed light (a tensor).  Plus I have a fan running.  The fan is a little
strong for the aquarium, one of my plants was pretty beaten up by it.
I'm afraid I don't remember what the strength of the fan is.  I
definitely don't recommend my setup.  I can't keep the humidity up
because it all escapes from the top of the aquarium.  I have some pretty
tough little plants in there right now that are very forgiving of my
conditions.  The plants that have held up the best are Pleurothallis
restrepiodes and Pleurothallis quadrifida (=P. longissima).  The P.
quadrifida was purchased from a Hawaiian grower that I know (Kawamoto
Orchids) who does not specialize in pleurothallids, but grows a few of
the hardier ones.  I don't know how much of this information will be
helpful, but here it is!
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Hi my name is Al Denaburg and I am in Ormond Beach Florida.
I am going to set up an Aquarium to grow Pleuro's in. I would like to
get advice from those who have done this.
  The Aquarium is 38 Gal. it measures 36" long 12" wide 20" tall.
I would like info on the following
       1  Type of light Warm Cool or Grow --On for how many hours a day

       2  Type of Fan How many What size What speed

       3  How best to keep Humidity at high level

       4 I plan on using Distilled Water  What type Fertilizer is

       5 Which plants have you had sucess with

Any other suggestions would be appreciated

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