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Sat Nov 29 23:29:56 EST 2003

 Hello all on this list,
      Comcerns have been brought up-mostly on other venues or in person to me 
about the way this is going & I have to try to make volunteerism clear in 
this case. I have a few disjointed thoughts... They come from many places, at 
night, during the week, when I'm too tired to "pay attention"- I'm trying now...
      If you do not have an electron microscope, can you see a Pleuro. seed?
      On the topic of the Pleurothallid Alliance "web site" 
(www.pleurothallids.com) & it's attachment to   Lynn O'Shaughnessy (freespirit @ 
pleurothallids.com)- she set it up AND maintains it at no cost to the Alliance. She would 
accept no payment for 1/2 of her costs to maintain the site for the Alliance & 
will not do so in the future. She has solicited   & supplied links to other 
Pleurothallid Growers that can be found on the site, along with her own list of 
plants for sale, all at her own expense. If any of you can help with more 
people/ growers of Pleurothallids, National or International, you know that would 
like to be added to the list, let either of us know. (With contact Info.) 
      Carlo Balistrieri is one of the founders of the Alliance & is the 
person who set up this list-with his own time, patience & expertise! Both are doing 
this with the idea of sharing knowledge not $
      We are all learning to find our way in this new technology- (Me 
especially!) & patience is appreciated.
      The whole idea here is the sharing of knowledge, habitats, growing tips 
& maybe "Sex on a Saturday night":)- This talk of pollen trading is 
borderline "risque", "R" rated?
      Seriously, this is a growing, blossoming, learning venue. 
      Please keep asking us questions & giving your 2 cents worth, lurking or 
Kathy in MN
Kathy Creger president, Pleurothallid Alliance    goldorchid at aol.com
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