[pleurothallid-l] don quijote spike

Bryan Whelan bryan.whelan at 3web.net
Mon Nov 24 22:23:53 EST 2003


   several months ago, I had a spike on my masd. don quijote and got all excited and what not, even to the point of starting a few forum threads on the origin of the name...
  Well, the spike then arrested.  It stopped growing, and got a bit black on the end, and I expected it to die off... But it didn't.
  That was six months ago.   
I didn't cut it off, I just left it, waiting to see what it would do. 
   Well, the other day, I noticed it is growing again...  The blackened part has been pushed aside, and the bud seems to be back in business.
   My question -  has anyone seen this before, ? What should I expect?  This isn't a masd. keiki, is it?

Bryan Whelan
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