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Michael Shrom shrommj at ptd.net
Fri Nov 14 12:28:22 EST 2003

Hi John,
	I'm glad to hear from you.   I've been doing frogs for over 20 years 
but have only been putting orchids in the tank for the past year or so. 
  Most of my plants are on tree fern plaques but some are on cork bark 
and in pots.  They are all hanging on cork and grapevine with holes 
drilled in it to hang the plaques and pots.  I normally mist heavily in 
the morning.   I water heavy about once a week.  I am setting the temp 
back a little at night.  So far I'm fertilizing at about half strength 
with dynagrow every couple weeks.  I hear so many conflicting ideas on 
fertilizing it confuses me.  I've heard Dracula should not be fed so I 
guess I won't.
	I'm sorry I missed FrogFest.  Usually their are lots of plants and 
supplies at IAD  http://www.intlamphibday.org    It is in Timmonium, 
Md. from April 2nd - 4th this 2004.   The orchid expert their is Beth 
Off from Waldor.  Beth is in charge of the event this year.  Waldor 
tends to lean more towards the big orchids but Beth gets stuff 
especially for IAD.  Normally I don't go distances for shows but might 
have to go to the amphibian show that is tentatively scheduled for The 
Atlanta Botanical Gardens next year.  I always wanted to go down their 
to see Ron Gagliardos frogs and plants.  Ron Gagliardo and Charles 
Powell are putting that show on.   They are both orchid and frog guys.
	I'll let you know how the plants do.  I'll probably continue posting 
some things to both lists (unless I get complaints).  The lists do 
overlap quite a bit.   Many of the orchids and frogs need nearly the 
same conditions.
Michael Shrom
On Thursday, November 13, 2003, at 10:55 PM, Jon Werner wrote:

> It is good to hear others trying non-Asian orchids in their 
> terrariums.  I am relatively new to frogs, I brought close to 100 
> Masd, Pleuros etc to Frogfest and sold almost all of them!  If other 
> out there have tried some Pleurothallis etc, please report back.  
> Alexander Stubbs, if you're out there, tell us about your great 
> Pleuro. anthrax!! 
> Happy Froggin' and good growin to all,
> Jon
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