[pleurothallid-l] Dryadella edwallii and some others

Bell-Games, Tom tbellgames at burnip.com
Fri Nov 14 09:33:08 EST 2003

In my experience, this type of sudden leaf drop is typical of a bacterial infection due to excessive moisture/stagnant air.  Unfortunately, it can wipe out a plant very quickly.  I would suggest taking this out of the enclosed growing area.  Dryadella edwallii is fairly ammenable to warmer drier conditions when compared to the others you mentioned.  You might want to spray this with a dilute solution of Physan or similar.  Place it in an area that gets a good bit of air movement.  The idea is to keep the leaves dry, especially near the base of the plant - where bacterial rot causes the leaves to drop.

On S. grande, I find this likes fairly high humidity, good air movement, and not so much light.  Similar for the Dracula chimaera.  However, I have heard some say that Draculas do better with more light than generally thought.  Humidity and air movement are most important though.  They do seem able to take drying out - constantly soggy sphagnum is no good.

It might not hurt to spray everything with Physan to help control any bacteria that are itching to take over.

My two cents.

Tom Bell-Games

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