[pleurothallid-l] Masdevallia limax (orchid club)

Carl Gustafson cgg25 at drexel.edu
Thu Nov 13 12:17:21 EST 2003

>The gift that I'm concerned about is the Masdevallia limax.   This is a high
>altitude plant that likes it cool.   What should I do with it in my
>intermediate to warm terrarium?  Are their any other orchids on the list that
>jump out at you as a problem plant?   As you might remember I'm pretty new at
> keeping orchids in terrariums.  My collection got jump started yesterday.

I don't think Masd. limax is such a bad citizen, although I haven't 
any experience with it. Masd. patula I have, and it's not a good 
citizen, in my opinion. That is, for basement-type, enclosed space 
growers. Your mileage may vary.

Carl "Stelis rule, Cattleyas drool" Gustafson

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