[pleurothallid-l] Masdevallia limax (orchid club)

Michael Shrom shrommj at ptd.net
Thu Nov 13 11:36:13 EST 2003

	Last night at orchid club I got to become acquainted with Dr. Eduardo 
Sanchez.  His talk was interesting and entertaining.  He has a good 
sense of humor and is a top notch expert on orchids.  When he is hiking 
the Andes and comes across a llama he says "Como se llama."  They reply 
"Me llama llama."  He has a few other good jokes.

	Luckily Dr. Sanchez didn't bring my orchids to the meeting.   Somehow 
with lecturing different places and delivering plants mine got left 
behind.   I got to go to the house where Dr. Sanchez was staying to 
pick up my orchids and spend some extra time with him.  After I told 
him about my frogs he told me he sees lots of Dendrobates where he 
lives.   After I paid for the orchids I ordered I was given some extras 
for my trouble.  Dr. Sanchez kept apollogising for forgetting my 
plants.  I was thrilled to get to spend more time with this 
knowledgeable expert.

	I got Masdevallia patula, M. hirtzii, M. limax, Restripia lansbergii, 
Pleurothallis macroblepharis, Dracula lotax, Lepanthes calodyction, 
Stellis sp., and 2 Lepanthes sp.   Every plant was already mounted on 
tree fern.  I will be keeping all of them in terrariums that get misted 
daily and have computer fans.   The gift that I'm concerned about is 
the Masdevallia limax.   This is a high altitude plant that likes it 
cool.   What should I do with it in my intermediate to warm terrarium?  
Are their any other orchids on the list that jump out at you as a 
problem plant?   As you might remember I'm pretty new at keeping 
orchids in terrariums.  My collection got jump started yesterday.

Michael Shrom

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