[pleurothallid-l] Hybridizing with M. patriciana

Lynn O'Shaughnessy freespirit at pleurothallids.com
Sun Nov 9 12:58:02 EST 2003

Has anyone out there been hybridizing with Masdevallia patriciana?  Or have you seen some hybrids with this parent?  I have three hybrids with M. patriciana as a parent.  The two that have bloomed are wonderful in that they seem to have taken the long delicate caudae from M. patriciana and colors from the other parent.  The ones I have are 

M. Tom Thumb (strobelii x patriciana) - VERY floriferous and beautiful when in bloom
M. (uniflora x patriciana) - beautiful color on upright stems
M. (polysticta x patriciana) - had this one for several years with no luck in blooming

I have made several crosses of my own with M. patriciana as a parent because I have liked the results of these two crosses I bloomed.  I would be interested in obtaining other crosses with M. patriciana or talking with others who have these crosses.

Lynn O'Shaughnessy
Howell, Michigan
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