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It does appear that your flower may be R. gutulatta.  The literature says this about R. citrina "It is allied to the R. gutulatta complex, but is distinguished from the plants treated there by the tall, slender habit, and a lemon-yellow, purple spotted flower with narrow floral parts.  The most distinguishing feature is the narrow, minutely denticulate lip.  It is usually about four times longer than broad."

Lynn O
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  Hi listmembers

  I just posted this to OGD, maybe here is a better place for this question.
  I need help Iding my Restrepia  "citrina".
  Here is the link to the photopage.
  It looks to me like it is a guttulata color wise, but the shape is not right.
  I am not familiar with variations in the genus , or proper species description, and other than web photos, have nothing to go on.
  Any help would be appreciated.

  Bryan Whelan


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