[pleurothallid-l] seed and pollen exchange

Ederer Thomas thomas.ederer at siemens.com
Mon Dec 1 10:55:23 EST 2003


Ron> Thomas Enderer also writes and says he used frozen pollen to make a 
Ron> cross which is growing fine.  Can I just confirm Thomas, whether the 
Ron> pollen was really frozen in the icebox or just held at 4?C in the 
Ron> fridge and for how long it was held frozen till it was used in 
Ron> pollination?  

I stored the pollen for about 2 months in our freezer (about -20 C) and not
in the fridge.

Ron> Was it Masdevallia pollen?

The crossing was Brass. nodosa x Soph. coccinea.

Ron> I'd be interested in swapping pollen sometime Thomas. Easier than 
Ron> seed.

Great. At the moment I´m waiting till my Masd. strobelii opens it´s blooms.
I have two strobelii plants from different nurseries and I want to cross
them to produce seeds. Here in Austria strobelii and glandulosa are very
rare, so I want to propagate them and give seedlings to interested friends.
If I can pollinate them successfully I can give some seeds to interested
growers also.

Ron> Some of the smaller species still blooming here are ignea, 
Ron> yungasensis, datura and instar. All pretty cool loving customers. 
Ron> Can send coccinea alba pollen for your strobelii to make white 
Ron> "haired" yellow flowers or veitchiana 'Prince de Galles' to give 
Ron> some xanthics.

I´ll be very happy to receive some pollen from your coccinea alba. 

Thomas> Who´s interested in some exchange of experience regarding in vitro
Thomas> sowing ?

Paula> I have some...

What kind of sterile method do you use ?

We started with the steam methode but when the number of flasks became
higher and higher I built a laminar flow hood. You can find some pictures
and a construction manual on our website.

Which media do you use for seed sowing and replating ?

We use for germination Sigma P6668 (for some sensitive plants P6668 / 2) and
for replating P6668 + 10% Coconut water.

Thomas> Who´s interested in exchange of seeds ?

Paula> I am, I am!  ... although at this moment I don't have much selection,
Paula> mostly P. oxypetala... I would have to check to be sure...

Great. At the moment I also have no Pleuro seeds available but I hope my
pollination of Masd. strobelii will be successfull.
As soon as I have fresh seeds available I´ll post a message at this list and
all intersted flaskers can answer.

greetings from Austria


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