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    I suspect that you both are correct. Even when the humidity stays in the 90s, the little pots dry out.  The fans aren't pointed at them, rather over their 'head'.  However I do see leaves in constant motion, so that breeze is at work.  I will reposition the fans so that the air hits either the top or the sides and bounces back at the plants, maybe that will be gentler.  
    I am also thinking about trying Colleens air bubbler method. I am having difficulty keeping the fogger supplied with enough water. I have tried a few things, but the bubbler may be the simplest all around.
    Colleen, you asked about temperature. The temperature in the tank stays below 80degrees F, usually between 75-78. I am still looking for a way to reduce temps, especially for the 15-20 degree daytime/nighttime drop.  Once the colder weather is here, the temperatures should be ideal, but until then..... Any thoughts?


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