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I agree, 

Although I live in the very mild San Francisco Bay Area, 
all my losses happen during the few warm days of summer.


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>   Jodi,
>   As many of the  southern growers can attest, it's
>   not the 45 in winter that will nail your plants,
>   it's the 100 in summer. You know, but I'll say it
>   for anyone listening in, that anything around 85
>   and higher is a problem. It was a major setback
>   for me last summer, my first in NY, that temps in
>   my apartment went to 91--no air in that place.
>   Many of my high priced lilttle guys gave up the
>   ghost...
>   This year (seems a bit cooler), I've got air and
>   the plants are limping through. Don't get me
>   wrong, I've still lost a few but many less than
>   last go around.
>   I think your fridge idea is a good one--you'd have
>   one helluva setup. (55 feet!!)
>   Carlo
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