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marcus marcusadriana at mls.com.br
Mon Aug 25 00:06:18 EDT 2003

Hi Michael:
My Pleurothallis are too small and fragile to human contact. They (the 
forgs)do not tramp on them, smashing flowers or breaking leaves? Are 
they useful in controling snails and slugs? Supose so, as they live 
behind the plaques, where the plages hide during daylight - they all are 
shy, aren't they? -that simbiosis (man-orchid-frog) can be of great 
value to people having nuisance with that moluscs in their greehouse.
Anyway, congratulations in the management of such a complex eco-system.
One more question that worries my wife: the frogs that live in my ranch 
make noises like "roach" that you can hear a hundred of feet away.  
My wife, despite their beauty,  questioned me if your wife/children 
wouldn't complain about that.
Some species of them also insist in visiting my bathroom when the 
weather is too dry (that seldom occours), startling everyone...Sorry for 
the joke.

Marcus Rezende

Michael Shrom escreveu:

>>> Hi Marcus
>     You are correct that the frogs like the bromeliads more than the 
> Pleurothallids.  I like the Pleuothalids more than the bromeliads.  
> Most types of plants in terrariums with frogs are good for the frogs.  
> My frogs climb on the orchids and hide behind  orchid plaques.  They 
> don't spend as much time in the orchids as they would in bromeliads.   
> For me the terrariums are good places to grow the orchids.  The 
> orchids would dry out quickly at my windows or in my garden.
> Michael Shrom
>> ------------------------------
>> (My) frogs like the bromeliads that exist up on  tree banches in my
>> ranch in southeastern Brasil.
>>  but never heard of they like Pleurothallis.
>> I'll pay attention to that - if that is also my case and their 
>> prefference.
>> Marcus Rezende
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