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Jeanne Schudel jschudel at bellsouth.net
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Dear Jody,
Where in Florida are you? We are in Middleburg which is 9A I believe. We
have lots of pleuros as you know. At one time I remember your name from
earlier rosters of the PA. We have many warmer pleuros that grew for us
in SC near the Savannah River and the temps there are not too different
from here. As a matter of fact it has been cooler here thhis summer than
up there thanks to the peninsula and ocean surrounding us. We couldn't
grow any Sops except cernua in SC even.

Joorchids at aol.com wrote:

> Hi everyone...glad there is a pleuro. digest now.   A little about
> myself..am retired microbiologist...have been growing orchids for
> about 45 years now..used to have a large collection of masd. drac. and
> pleuros..but recently moved to zone 9a..and the rest is history as
> they say.  I had great success growing in a large Florist refrigerator
> for many years..but dear hubby didn't want to spend the $$$ to move
> the behemoth to Florida.  It was a triple door model and room for
> several hundred miniatures..so sad but wiser, I now am limiting my
> collection to warm growing orchids.
> Now I would like all of you wiser types to give me some free advice on
> what "warm" growing pleurothallids are available and where.?  I am
> having some small sucess with Sophronites cernua but all other
> varieties of Sophs have croaked...guess that proves what heat
> tolerance I might need.  I do have a few pleurothallids still
> alive...and am anxious to grow some more.
> One of the happiest memories I cherish is a day about 7-8 yrs
> ago..when I met Carlo B. in Elkhorn to have an orchid show and tell,
> and he brought the most equisite Masdevalia..(I believe it was
> rosea).  I was speechless at this tiny plants pristine beauty.  Thanks
> Carlo...it is a memory that is frozen in my mental orchid library.
> Jodi Hirt
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