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marcus marcusadriana at mls.com.br
Sat Aug 23 17:56:56 EDT 2003

I have many native Pleurothallis, Octomeria and Stellis and many other 
pleurothallids  in my ranch on tree trunks (born there or put by me).
My natural situation differs from yours and probably that difference can 
make the yellowing of some leaves and rotting of roots.:
a. too much light - they live in a dim ambient, a clear one - but 
shadded by tree's foliage above.
b. too much wet - nature provides natural morning and evening misty 
umidity, even droping water, but not all day long - they do not need 
that much.
c.  too less wind - they like wind very much the provides the drying of 
the roots and leaves during days.
d. too high temperature - my summer mornings are under a 60 F and during 
this winter it is reaching a down 30 F - and they like it.
e. medium height (but that can't be solved by you) - my ranch is 3000 ft 
above sea level.
Hope these descriptions can be a help to you and your plants
Marcus Rezende
Curitiba-(southeastern Brasil)

Gail Southwick escreveu:

> As I warned in my introduction, I have many questions- here come the 
> first few.
> My situation:
> Currently my pleuro alliance plants are in a 29 gallon aquarium. 
> (30"x12" by 18"H).  I have 2 cpu fans ( each is 2"sq) suspended at 
> different heights but facing the same direction. I have an ultrasonic 
> fogger in a resevoir.  The temp stays under 80, but I do not currently 
> have the 15-10 degree drop. I will have as the colder weather comes. I 
> do have a compact florescent over the top, but think that I will have 
> to replace that with a 24" florescent or 2. Most of the top is covered 
> with clear vinyl, I always leave at least a 1" x12" section open. When 
> I do that, the humidity remains in the 90s with only running the 
> fogger a few times a day, for just a few minutes. If I open the other 
> end by the same dimensions, the rh dips to the 70 and 80s and I have 
> to use the fogger a bit more. I have switched to distilled water 
> within the past 2 weeks.
> A few problems:
> The pots seem to dry out quickly in spite of the 90%+ rh, a few good 
> looking spikes just suddenly turned brown and dried up.
> A few leaves are yellowing.
> Questions: 
>  What rh should I shoot for?
> Why are some leaves yellowing?
> How can I cool the unit- esp. interested to learn if one of those 
> thermoeletric coolers would help in this situation.
> Thanks,
> Gail
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