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Hi everyone...glad there is a pleuro. digest now.   A little about myself..am 
retired microbiologist...have been growing orchids for about 45 years 
now..used to have a large collection of masd. drac. and pleuros..but recently moved 
to zone 9a..and the rest is history as they say.  I had great success growing 
in a large Florist refrigerator for many years..but dear hubby didn't want to 
spend the $$$ to move the behemoth to Florida.  It was a triple door model and 
room for several hundred miniatures..so sad but wiser, I now am limiting my 
collection to warm growing orchids.  

Now I would like all of you wiser types to give me some free advice on what 
"warm" growing pleurothallids are available and where.?  I am having some small 
sucess with Sophronites cernua but all other varieties of Sophs have 
croaked...guess that proves what heat tolerance I might need.  I do have a few 
pleurothallids still alive...and am anxious to grow some more.  

One of the happiest memories I cherish is a day about 7-8 yrs ago..when I met 
Carlo B. in Elkhorn to have an orchid show and tell, and he brought the most 
equisite Masdevalia..(I believe it was rosea).  I was speechless at this tiny 
plants pristine beauty.  Thanks Carlo...it is a memory that is frozen in my 
mental orchid library.

Jodi Hirt

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