[pleurothallid-l] Bazilian Masdevallias

Ron Maunder pondeeza at enternet.co.nz
Tue Aug 12 10:39:31 EDT 2003

Hi Marcus,

Couldn't read your reply to my questions about your property the 
other day.  I tried the converted message but that was mostly 

Just for interest I checked the list of Brazilian Masdevallia species 
in Rhodehamel's book "A Masdevallia Culture Guide".  There are only 
five which are listed from Brazil.  Four are related and in the 
Section Polyanthae Sub section Alatacaules - these are cuprea ssp 
cuprea, infracta (4 different ssp), sprucei and vargasii with the 
other in Section Polyanthae Sub species Polyanthae - discoidea

They appear to be all warm/intermediate growers and from lower 
levels.  You can find colour photos of the flowers of all but cuprea 
on Lynn O'Shaughnessy's  WP at www.pleurothallids.com and there is a 
picture of Masd. cuprea on Ecuagenera's  WP at  www.ecuagenera.com

Its great being able to check the flowers on the net but of course 
without flowers on the plant they will all look much the same. And 
being 500 miles away from your ranch would mean you'd be lucky to get 
to see your plants in flower on the odd time you got there to visit. 
Great to hear that you are endeavoring to keep the forest as natural 
as you can.

I have a yellowish infracta which seemed to survive the unusually 
cold -6°C frost in the unheated greenhouse here the other day but 
don't know the others.  Perhaps Lynn can tell us if they are cold 

Ron Maunder

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