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Colleen Pruett colleenpruett at wowway.com
Mon Aug 11 16:18:19 EDT 2003

I water my plants right in the orchidarium...this more than fills that bottom tray with water...in fact, I wish there were a drain in the bottom because water routinely overflows the edges. The next time I have it apart (I'm moving), I'm installing drains!! Humidity in the colder orchidarium is always >90%. In the warmer (intermediate temps) one it is maintained at or above 85%. In winter, the colder orc gets down to 50 degrees at night, I have to open the door a little to keep it from raining in there!!! The air stones sit in the bottom tray...no muss, no fuss! I replace them every 12 to 18 months...they lose function after awhile. 
Katie, I think in the propagation bin, a fogger might make those seedlings sopping wet...you can put these foggers on a timer. In the orchidarium, I run one fan pointing (blowing) upward...this creates air movement without dessicating plants. On the other side of the orc, the fan points down...I put my potted plants and plants that like to dry quickly on this side. You may want to try turning that fan towards the lid...
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