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Thanks Colleen!
About how high are you able to keep  your humidity? Do you just fill up the drip trays in the bottom with water and use the bubbler stones, or do you put some kind of dishpan in with a larger amount? I also leave town for 2-3 days at a time on a regular basis, so that sounds better than a fogger. Thanks for the tip. :)
What genera are you finding grow best for you in the orch's?

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Hi Adrienne, glad to hear you are getting back in!! I have 2 grand 
Cayman Orcs. One in my basement, another in a spare room with a window air 
unit, (in addition to the central air). I find that these units run 
about 10 degrees warmer than the ambient room temp. You can keep them a 
little cooler by running a clip on faN across the top (blows on the light 
fuxture).I use aquarium bubbler stones in the bottom of these units to 
maintain humidity. Some people use foggers...but I find that refilling 
the reservior is high maintenance...I routinely leave town for 2 to 3 
days at a time with no problems. Also, I find the foggers are messy...
If you have questions, I'll help the best I can.
Colleen Pruett in Michigan, USA

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