[pleurothallid-l] small fogger / bubbler in propagation chamber

Katie Pleasance katie at katiesorchids.com
Mon Aug 11 12:42:55 EDT 2003

In the past I made a bunch of propagation chambers out of 
clear plastic restaurant bins (25 quart [liter], I think). 
I hung muffin fans an inch below the lid and kept an inch 
of water in the bottom. 

Amazingly (to me), de-flasked seedlings died of desication! 

It appears that the breeze blew the moist air against far 
wall of the bin, where the moisture drained into the water 
at the bottom of the bin. This wind sucked the water out of 
the plant and the sphagnum moss used as a medium. 

The seedlings were potted in shallow propagation trays, 
much like an egg-crate with a bottom. The bottom of each 
little section of the tray had a drainage hole.

I watered the plants with a tank-type pesticide sprayer 
daily, making sure that the sphagnum moss was medium was 
soaked. Even though the humidity hovered near 100%, the fan 
caused the plants to dry excessively. 

I wonder if a bubbler in the water or a small fogger would 
have solved the problem?

The propagation chambers are in storage until I find a way 
to make them work better.


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>Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2003 06:35:10 -0400
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>Subject: Re: [pleurothallid-l] Hello!  
> You can keep them a little
>   cooler by running a clip on faN across the top
>   (blows on the light fuxture).I use aquarium
>   bubbler stones in the bottom of these units to
>   maintain humidity. Some people use foggers...but I
>   find that refilling the reservior is high
>   maintenance...I routinely leave town for 2 to 3
>   days at a time with no problems. Also, I find the
>   foggers are messy...
>   If you have questions, I'll help the best I can.
>   Colleen Pruett in Michigan, USA
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