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Colleen Pruett colleenpruett at wowway.com
Mon Aug 11 06:35:10 EDT 2003

Hi Adrienne, glad to hear you are getting back in!! I have 2 grand Cayman Orcs. One in my basement, another in a spare room with a window air unit, (in addition to the central air). I find that these units run about 10 degrees warmer than the ambient room temp. You can keep them a little cooler by running a clip on faN across the top (blows on the light fuxture).I use aquarium bubbler stones in the bottom of these units to maintain humidity. Some people use foggers...but I find that refilling the reservior is high maintenance...I routinely leave town for 2 to 3 days at a time with no problems. Also, I find the foggers are messy...
If you have questions, I'll help the best I can.
Colleen Pruett in Michigan, USA
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