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Adrienne callmeludisia at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 7 09:34:33 EDT 2003

Hi everyone,
I'd just like to introduce myself. My name is Adrienne Jackson, and I'm a grad student in horticulture living down in the very rainy southeast USA.  I began growing orchids in '94, starting with a mix of catts, oncidiums, phals, and the usuals. Later I 'graduated' to more 'interesting' species and hybrids--especially in the genera Masdevallia and Pleurothallis. Unfortunately my move from Ohio down south about 3 years ago curtailed most of my ability to grow cool-growers, and due to personal reasons, I stopped growing orchids almost altogether. However, I recently got my hands on a used Grand Caymen orchidarium, and I'm going to start back into trying to grow the weirdies. 
Any suggestions or tips you have on orchidariums, species I might want to try, etc would be greatly appreciated. 
Adrienne Jackson

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