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Somewhere in the back of my mind, I remember reading something that someone
had written about M. datura (I think it may have been Phil Jesup???).  They
had said that they treated M. datura as a cool grower and in the midst of
moving things around, it somehow got moved to the intermediate growing area.
There it got forgotten and ignored, and it bloomed like it had never bloomed
when kept cooler.  What they had found out was that it is really more of an
intermediate grower.  I have one that I grow in intermediate and it
ocassionally gets the dreaded leaf drop in the summertime.  It doesn't do
great like some of my other masdevallias, but it does do okay.  I used to
grow under lights in the basement in a plastic-enclosed room so I could keep
the humidity up.  If there is a way to keep your humidity a little higher
(with good air movement) things might improve.  Before the plastic room, I
had two light carts with plastic on three sides and an oscillating fan to
blow air in the fronts for air movement.  Some people equate pleurothallids
with heavier watering.  However, you will get better results if you can
achieve higher humidity with good air movement with a little drier
conditions at the roots (not totally dry, but definitely not wet all the

  Another under-lights problem that might help if you could overcome is the
ability to get at least a 10 degree difference between day and night.  This
will improve flowering on many of the pleurothallids (and other orchids,

Lynn O
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> Hello Everybody
>      My name is Leo Schordje and I've just joined this group at Kathy's
> suggestion. I am only a casual Pleurothallid grower. I only have a dozen.
> Most of my collection belongs to the groups that maybe aren't really
> orchids, the Paphs and Phrags. But eventually I do want to learn about
> orchids. I have a question. Any tips on growing a Masdevallia datura under
> lights? I picked one up October 2002. So far so good, initially lost a
> couple leaves, then it bloomed on a 4 growth plant, now it has added a
> or two. It is growing rather slow. What are the ideals I should shoot for?
> Thanks
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