[pleurothallid-l] Re: Naturalgrowing & cameras

Goldorchid at aol.com Goldorchid at aol.com
Sun Aug 3 21:44:22 EDT 2003

Welcome Marcus,
      I would love to see the orchids you have on your ranch some day. My 
orchids are so much happier outside in the summer here in Minnesota in the 
northern US but I know they would never like the winter!
      I can take OK pictures using the camera I bought in 1976. It is a 
Pentax K 1000 with a 50mm lens. For the tiny Pleurothallids I bought a 2X macro 
focusing teleconverter & some close up filters & can get OK pictures in natural 
      there are a couple of people that might be on this list that are very 
good photogrephers of the tiny things- maybe they will give advice...
      This list is only a few days old, it may take a few days to get going
Take care,
Kathy in MN
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