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If you would like, I can write a little article describing 
my growing conditions, including successes and failures. I 
have a digital camera and can send you pictures if that 
would help.

How do I join the Pleuro Alliance and subscribe to the 


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>A lot of this information posted here is good information 
for our
>newsletter.  Would it be all right to reprint what Jim 
Hamilton, Katie
>Pleasance and Ron Maunder wrote?  I am the newsletter 
editor for the
>Pleurothallid Alliance and our members are always looking 
for different ways
>of growing and local activities that they can either be 
involved with or
>duplicate in their area.  I have been contacted by a few 
people from out
>east that want to do something like what Jim's group is 
doing on the west
>I grow mainly pleurothallids and have over 3,000 of them 
in a greenhouse of
>20 x 36 in Howell Michigan.  The conditions in the 
greenhouse are geared to
>the pleurothallids, and if my other orchids don't like 
them, they get taken
>to society meetings to find new homes (although there are 
many that do
>well).  I am also the webmaster for the site 
www.pleurothallids.com.  More
>Lynn O
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>> Katie,
>> Thanks for your note.  I'm familiar with your name as 
I've read your
>> postings on the OGD.
>> We are a commercial orchid nursery located in the 
rolling hills of west
>> Sonoma county.  We are near Bodega.  Although we grow 
sundry genera in two
>> large greenhouses, I have a special place in my heart 
for the
>> pleurothallidinae.  Do you know there's a Pleurothallid 
Alliance in the
>> Area?  We meet every couple months, usually in a 
member's home and/or
>> greenhouse.  Last week we met at the Conservatory in San 
>> Gate Park.  As you probably know, the Conservatory was 
heavily damaged by
>> high winds several years ago.  A $25 million dollar 
restoration is almost
>> complete and it opens to the public next month.  We were 
privileged to
>> our meeting there and get a preview of the new 
facility.  It's
>> fabulous!  They have a large pleurothallid collection, 
consisting mainly
>> masdevallias and draculas.  Our members often help with 
the care and
>> grooming of the plants for display.  Every Saturday this 
month a work
>> will be mounting masdevallias and draculas on tree 
branches for the main
>> exhibit area.  If you're interested in this group, let 
me know and I'll
>> give you the contact.
>> As I mentioned we grow a number of genera in two 
greenhouses, each 30" x
>> 100'.  One is our intermediate to warm greenhouse and 
the other is our
>> intermediate to cool area where we grow the high 
altitude plants.  We're
>> about 95% species with a few hybrids (to avoid being 
called species
>> snobs).   I have a special fondness for pleurothallis 
and lepanthes.
>> We are open to the public by appointment.  If you're in 
our area, give us
>> call and stop by.  We love visitors.  We ask that you 
call first because
>> do many shows and travel a great deal.  We want to be 
sure we're here.
>> particulars and web site are below.
>> Looking forward to this new list site,
>> Jim
>> At 08:39 AM 08/01/2003 -0700, you wrote:
>> >I'll introduce myself,
>> >
>> >I'm Katie Pleasance.
>> >
>> >I grow Masdevallias and a single Dracula in a walkway on
>> >the north side of a two-storey house in Hayward,
>> >California. That's across the Bay and just a few miles
>> >south of San Francisco. The walkway is protected by 
>> >cloth and I put up freeze cloth on cold nights. We 
>> >get only a couple mild frosts annually. The walkway
>> >receives an almost constant breeze from the west. During
>> >the height of summer the area gets some direct sun and 
>> >plants suffer dehydration. All of the masdevallias and
>> >draculas are either on mounts or in baskets and they dry
>> >quickly in the breeze. I recently put up a mister on a
>> >timer running the length of the wall where the mounts 
>> >hung. This has helped the dehydration problems.
>> >
>> >Happy plant-hunting and good growing.
>> >
>> >Katie
>> >Katie Pleasance
>> >Hayward, CA
>> >katie at katiesorchids.com
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