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Katie Pleasance katie at katiesorchids.com
Fri Aug 1 11:39:29 EDT 2003

I'll introduce myself,

I'm Katie Pleasance. 

I grow Masdevallias and a single Dracula in a walkway on 
the north side of a two-storey house in Hayward, 
California. That's across the Bay and just a few miles 
south of San Francisco. The walkway is protected by shade 
cloth and I put up freeze cloth on cold nights. We usually 
get only a couple mild frosts annually. The walkway 
receives an almost constant breeze from the west. During 
the height of summer the area gets some direct sun and the 
plants suffer dehydration. All of the masdevallias and 
draculas are either on mounts or in baskets and they dry 
quickly in the breeze. I recently put up a mister on a 
timer running the length of the wall where the mounts are 
hung. This has helped the dehydration problems.

Happy plant-hunting and good growing.

Katie Pleasance
Hayward, CA
katie at katiesorchids.com

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