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Janet (et al), 

I believe your previous two posts, by no fault of your own, were distributed in reverse order.  The video you suggest entitled "[percy-l] Watch Lesson Three for “Introduction to the Constitutio <https://lists.ibiblio.org/pipermail/percy-l/2019-January/002279.html>n” should have appeared AFTER your below comments.  And of course, *dissent* in the spirit of civil and good debate is always welcome!

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Uh oh.
A dissenter.

I love animals, trees, all of G-d's creations.
But I look at our story.
It's all there in the Bible.
In six days and in a very specific order G-d created it all.
The trees and animals were here when at last G-d created man.
It was all there for us. We were to be those closest to the top.

 And I see no reason to believe Percy would want to change the order of Dominion as G-d designed it all.

I respect and stand in awe of the Redwoods and certainly would never want man to exploit them into extinction.

Balance in nature as in all things matters and man with his brain and experience has always to be mindful of balance in all things.

 But I am not ready to put myself second to birds trees or even gorillas.

 Ergo I dissent from the main idea of this beautifully written article.

 G-d did not create a perfect universe. He obviously wanted us to sort through and deal with the chaos.

Janet Cantor

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>  Fascinating interview, Lauren. Thanks for sharing. Reminds me a bit of Albert Schweitzer’s driving philosophy of developing “reverence for life” - that is, reverence for all creation in the universe, from our fellow human beings to nature itself. I don’t know Powers’ spiritual or religious background, and those given his affinity for Percy. Anyone care to chime in about Powers?
>  On Jan 12, 2019, at 8:35 AM, Lauren Berdy lauren.stacy.berdy at gmail.com <mailto:lauren.stacy.berdy at gmail.com>> wrote:
>  Of what use is the writer or poet unless he attains a new vision of life? It is precisely why we read Dr Percy the innovator who helps to form the great chain of creative literature. He didn’t sit comfortably down in the ruins and piece together shards. Richard Powers too speaks to our human horizon and predicament and brings in
>  Dr Percy to show how humans must “hold the gain” in their cultivated souls.
> https://lareviewofbooks.org/article/heres-to-unsuicide-an-interview-with-richard-powers/ <https://lareviewofbooks.org/article/heres-to-unsuicide-an-interview-with-richard-powers/>
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