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Lauren Berdy lauren.stacy.berdy at gmail.com
Sun Apr 14 14:10:41 EDT 2019

I am glad you stated this new thread

keep these words of Dr Percy’s above my desk

“ once the final break is made between reality and language 
Arguments generate their own
Force and lay out their own logical

For this reader anyway as I get older
And reread The Doctor it comes to
Me so readily that he like Lawrence
Before him pointed us back to this
Earth, this life, this being
What is it?
And all the while summing up words
That summon up the greatest of our human abilities 
The merging of seeing with knowing
He was a seer and he knew the intellect is a collector. 
The meddling intellect mangles things
Quite badly 
Look At Sutter!
Thank you

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> Dear Percy-L:
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> Henry,
> Thank you for your welcome.
> I ran into Percy a number of years ago when I was on the Peirce list, and I remember being impressed with the Trobriand Islanders and their pocket knives as being what philosophy, and science, should be all about.  Now reading Wittgenstein and trying to correlate him with Peirce, I thought of Percy again, and have been working through some of his articles.  To me he seems just as precise in his thinking as Peirce or Wittgenstein, but much less technical and much more down-to-earth in what he has to say about it.
> The list does seem quiet, but I'm hoping it will offer some "intersubjective" support for these efforts.
> Thanks again,
> Tom
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