[percy-l] Percy's use of "well" within The Thanatos Syndrome and possible connection to the Bible

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Dear Percy-L:

I forward the below query from long-time community member Janet Cantor. Please do consider responding to the list to her questions, or any related topics that come to mind.

Henry Mills
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> On Dec 11, 2018, at 6:31 AM, Janet Cantor wrote:
> Dr. Mills,
> At the end of Thanatos Syndrome are the words "well, well, well."
> The book spends considerable time with "well"s and their meaning. 
> English theologian Julian of Norwich noted that sometimes statements featuring a repetition including "all will be well” are a reference to the Book of Revelation in The Bible.
> Did Percy intentionally make a reference in TS when he put "well, well, well" at the end of this novel? I’m curious what anyone else’s thoughts about this question may be.
> Janet Cantor

Henry P. Mills
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The Walker Percy Project, Director

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