[percy-l] A challenge: Can anyone identify these Percy characters and the book in which they appear?

Joseph Francisco joe.francisco4591 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 5 13:33:52 EST 2018

Possibly Ally's parents in *The Second Coming*?

On Wed, Dec 5, 2018 at 12:51 PM Henry P. Mills <wppdirector at gmail.com>

> Dear Percy-L:
> One of our faithful off-list readers has a nagging Percy question.  Can
> anyone help Norma?
> "The question is simple: Somewhere in Percy's work, there is a bickering
> divorced couple, both of them very bright people. Their conversations
> resemble a fast-paced pingpong game. I seem to recall that they are not the
> main characters, but I may be wrong on that, given that I haven't read the
> book in three decades or so. I remember being struck by the man's first
> name. It seemed as distinctive as the name "Binx" in the*Moviegoer*. But
> obviously not as memorable, or at least not to me at the age I am now. Was
> it "Sully," by any chance? That would at least explain why I'm thinking
> about the name now. If not, do you recall the accurate name?”
> Please feel free to offer any clues to our listserv community or directly
> to me.
> All best,
> Henry Mills
> Percy-L Administrator
> wppdirector at gmail.com
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