[percy-l] A challenge: Can anyone identify these Percy characters and the book in which they appear?

Henry P. Mills wppdirector at gmail.com
Wed Dec 5 12:51:38 EST 2018

Dear Percy-L:

One of our faithful off-list readers has a nagging Percy question.  Can anyone help Norma?

"The question is simple: Somewhere in Percy's work, there is a bickering divorced couple, both of them very bright people. Their conversations resemble a fast-paced pingpong game. I seem to recall that they are not the main characters, but I may be wrong on that, given that I haven't read the book in three decades or so. I remember being struck by the man's first name. It seemed as distinctive as the name "Binx" in theMoviegoer. But obviously not as memorable, or at least not to me at the age I am now. Was it "Sully," by any chance? That would at least explain why I'm thinking about the name now. If not, do you recall the accurate name?”

Please feel free to offer any clues to our listserv community or directly to me.

All best,

Henry Mills
Percy-L Administrator
wppdirector at gmail.com

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