[percy-l] The Walker Percy Weekend, Louisiana's most spirited literary fest, returns (June 2-4, 2017)

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Thanks, John. For those interested, here is the formal announcement for this year’s Walker Percy Weekend, June 2-4, 2017.  Further details are available at www.walkerpercyweekend.org

Henry Mills
Percy-L Administrator

>  <http://walkerpercyweekend.cmail19.com/t/i-l-uyuhydy-mkklyedl-r/>
> June 2 - 4, 2017, St. Francisville, La
> The fourth annual Walker Percy Weekend raises a glass to the acclaimed author with another summer-weight blend of spirited literary discussions and convivial social events. 
> Full schedule at www.walkerpercyweekend.org <http://walkerpercyweekend.cmail19.com/t/i-l-uyuhydy-mkklyedl-y/>
>  <http://walkerpercyweekend.cmail19.com/t/i-l-uyuhydy-mkklyedl-j/>
> Literary Lectures & Discussions
> Renowned scholars gather to explore the life and legacy of Walker Percy and the writers he influenced.
>  <http://walkerpercyweekend.cmail19.com/t/i-l-uyuhydy-mkklyedl-t/>
> Crawfish & Craft Beer Feast
> The annual feast presents peak-season crawfish prepared by chefs Cody & Samantha Carroll of Hot Tails Restaurant.
>  <http://walkerpercyweekend.cmail19.com/t/i-l-uyuhydy-mkklyedl-i/>
> Social & Culinary Adventures
> Receptions and tours inspired by the author's most famous works take attendees to historic surroundings.
>  <http://walkerpercyweekend.cmail19.com/t/i-l-uyuhydy-mkklyedl-d/>
> Porch Tour & Bourbon Tasting
> Inspired by Percy's beloved essay Bourbon, Neat, this evening stroll visits historic front porches to enjoy various whiskey cocktails.
> CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS <http://walkerpercyweekend.cmail19.com/t/i-l-uyuhydy-mkklyedl-b/>
> Walker Percy (1916—1990) wrote novels that explored the “dislocation of man in the modern age.” Most of his work was set in New Orleans and around South Louisiana, including the semi-fictitious Feliciana, which the author based upon West Feliciana and the other Florida parishes. Percy’s debut novel, THE MOVIEGOER, won the National Book Award for Fiction, and was included on Time magazine’s list of the 100 Best English language novels from 1923—2005. In later works, including LOVE IN THE RUINS, THE LAST GENTLEMAN, and THE THANATOS SYNDROME, Percy continued exploring the search for meaning in an increasingly materialistic society via masterfully wrought tales delivered with a poetic Southern sensibility and informed by the author’s deep Catholic faith.
> Festival proceeds support the JULIUS FREYHAN FOUNDATION <http://walkerpercyweekend.cmail19.com/t/i-l-uyuhydy-mkklyedl-n/>—an organization dedicated to restoring the historic Freyhan School building to serve as a community and cultural center for West Feliciana Parish.
>  <http://walkerpercyweekend.cmail19.com/t/i-l-uyuhydy-mkklyedl-p/>	 <http://walkerpercyweekend.cmail19.com/t/i-l-uyuhydy-mkklyedl-x/>
> The Walker Percy Weekend is presented by the Julius Freyhan Foundation, P.O. Box 1636, St. Francisville, LA, 70775
> www.freyhanfoundation.org <http://www.freyhanfoundation.org/>
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